HardWare Projects

Fugu Speakers C4

The near field speakers you need

Following the desire for an ideal mixing tool, our sound engineers Michael Brändli and Florian Wetter tinkered, soldered and measured with chassis, enclosures and electronics, thus developing a near-field loudspeaker ready for series production. This is how the Fugu C4 loudspeakers were created. These passive speakers are housed in a wooden, spherical case that adapts perfectly to the small base.
The main feature of our Fugu Loudspeakers is their superior sound quality. A precise broadband speaker in a wooden spherical case and passive electronics for equalization result in a very linear phase progression and frequency response, natural stereo level width and remarkable transient behavior.

Siemens V74

Tube Line Drive

The V74 is a replica of the line module of the legendary Siemens V series. Designed for mastering, the circuit is suitable for saturating signals and can be used very creatively with some tweaks. With this Project, Michael has drawn from his background in the construction of tube circuits and has recreated this module himself. Since this tube line drive convinces us so much for mastering it was already in use, even before the housing was completed.



With this Premier drum set Florian has brought a pearl from the early 70s back up to speed. The thin cauldrons of a mix of birch and African mahogany sound powerful and warm. Thanks to the reinforcement rings made of the finest German beech, the Drums have a stronger presence in the middle Range and controlled resonance in the low-tone range. The Set is often used in our jazz productions, but has already been an enrichment recordings through out the genres.

Premiere vintage drumset with cast bands
Bassdrum 24″x14″
Bassdrum 20″x14″
Floortom 16″x14″
Racktom 14″x8″
Racktom 12″x8″

Premiere 14″ x 6.5″ (wood)
Slingerland 14″ x 5.5″ (wood)
Mapex Maple Deluxe 14″ x 5.5″ (wood)

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