Studio A and B
The recording room in our Studio A has a large area of 150 square meters and can be acoustically separated into 4 booths so that it has manifold applications and it is suitable for the recording of solo artists up do Big Bands. Our Studio B is most suited for Overdubs and efficient vocal recording.
Mixing Stereo / Surround
Studios A bis C
All our three control rooms are set up ideally for ``mixing in the box`` or "hybrid mixing" from an acoustical and technical perspective. Our Studio C is equipped with 5.1 surround monitors for mixing of films.
Studio C
In the Field of Mastering, we have an experienced Engineer with Michael. With various first-class digital as well as analogue devices, we can draw the optimum out of the mixes.
Live Recording
Everywhere with our Hardmobile
We are ready for any situation with our compact and top-equipped mobile control room in our Hardmobile, both for live Broadcasts as well as recordings of concerts and events.
Mobile Recording
Our equipment, your room
If you already have the ideal setup for your project in a/your room, we can record Hardstudios quality at your desired place with our mobile compact rack and microphones. That way we also already have the sessions in the right format in order to be able to continue working efficiently.
Studios A bis C
Today editing is part of every production, and we are happy to take over the editing process for your project.
Voice over, voice recording
Studio B
Studio B is ideally furnished for efficient and in-depth work on voice over and vocal recording. This is how audiobooks such as 'Quartemberkinder' and radio plays such as 'Globi' and 'Kasperli' and many more are created.
CD - Produktion
Or Vinyl, Cassettes,...
In collaboration with our partner company "Adon", who is the leading Swiss supplier of audio media production, we can realize every wish for the physical form of your project.
Vocal Coaching
with Fabe Vega
Do you want to get the most out of your vocal performance in the genre of Pop/Rock? In that case with Fabian (Fabe Vega) we have an accomplished vocal coach with an ear for detail in our team.
Restoration and digitization service
for vinyl, cassettes and tapes
Do you love your old records at home and would you like to have them with you on your mobile devices in the best possible quality? In that case, bring them over. Gladly we digitize vinyls, cassettes, stereo tapes, DAT tapes and so on. We are also well equipped for any restorations of older media.

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